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Organizing for your move:

Create a moving checklist

Set a Budget

Packing room by room:

Start with the least used rooms

Declutter before you pack

Pack similar items together

Efficient Packing techniques:

Use sturdy boxes

Protect Fragile Items

Label Everything

Tips for organizing and labelling moving boxes:

Color coding for easy identification

Labelling with detailed information

Moving and Packing boxes: Economical and Eco-friendly option
Moving Day preparation:

Double check details

Pack an essential box


Moving can be a challenging task but with the right preparation strategy it doesn’t have
to be a hard one. Proper packing plays an important role in ensuring an efficient
moving experience. In this guide, you will find some important tips and hacks to make
your packing experience smooth and hassle-free and will also help you to explore costeffective and eco-friendly solutions. From creating detailed checklists to considering
cost-effective solutions like moving box rentals, your strategy for preparation can
make a huge difference.

ReBow moving boxes

Organizing for your move


Create a moving checklist

When you’re gearing up for a move, think of making a moving checklist as
drawing your treasure map. It’ll guide you through the chaos, showing every
step needed to make things smooth and budget-friendly. This way, everything
stays organized and nothing is forgotten. Here’s what needs to be on your

Inventory to Pack: You need to know exactly what items you want to

Book a moving rental service: Book a reliable moving rental service in
advance to avoid any last-minute issues

Room-by-Room Schedule: Plan out when each room gets packed so
nothing is left behind

Key Dates Reminder: Keep track of major days like the drop off and
pickup date of the moving service

Set a Budget

Moving isn’t cheap, hence it’s important to set a budget

It’s wise to plan your spending ahead of time. Take into account expenses for:

Budget-friendly Boxes – Instead of spending a lot of cash on one-timeuse cardboard boxes that will be discarded later, set aside a budget for
a much more economical option of renting reusable moving boxes from companies like Rebow. These boxes come with packing material included in the rental cost. Rebow’s services are perfect for those in between moves or who simply need to declutter their home on a budget.

Storage Space for your stuff – Temporary storage solutions like those offered by Rebow provide a much better option for storing your items.
These services are ideal for short term needs such as relocation, renovation or seasonal storage.

Packing room by room


ReBow moving boxes

Start with the least used rooms

Start with the spaces you barely use, like the attic or basement. This way, everything feels less chaotic and more manageable. By starting with these rooms, you can start packing properly without immediately impacting your main living areas. Items in these rooms are often non-essential, making it easier to sort through them without any pressure.

Declutter before you pack

Before you dive into packing, get rid of the stuff you don’t need to lighten your load. This will create easier unpacking experiences, and makes everything feel
less chaotic and more organized. Donate, sell, or recycle what you don’t use anymore. Fewer things to pack meaning fewer boxes and less hassle—plus some extra cash in your pocket.

Pack similar items together

When you start boxing things up, keep similar items together, think books with books and kitchen gadgets with other utensils. This helps to ensures that when
you arrive at your new home, you won’t have to go through multiple boxes to find same items. Label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to, such as “Kitchen – Pots and Pans” or “Living Room – Books.” This setting makes it easier to find what you need and helps you to place the boxes in the correct rooms which leads to saving time and energy.

Tips for organizing and labelling boxes


ReBow moving boxes

Color coding for easy identification

One of the simplest and very effective methods for sorting your moving boxes is by applying the color-coding system. By using different colors for various rooms or categories of items, you can immediately see the contents of each box. This method really saves time and reduces the possibility of losing or mixing up your belongings.

Labelling with detailed information

Aside from color-coding, marking your moving boxes with details can help in organizing. Take the time to be able to clearly mark the content and destination
of the room on the outside of each box. It won’t only make unpacking easier but also ensure that your fragile and expensive things are handled with care during the whole process of moving.

Efficient Packing Techniques


ReBow moving boxes

Use Sturdy Boxes

Invest in strong boxes so that the items remain thoroughly protected while being transported. Sturdy boxes are least likely to break with the weight. They can support really well, especially in the case of fragile and heavy items. Rebow provides these sturdy boxes that are meant for multiple uses so your items are safe during transit.

Protect Fragile Items

When it comes to packing fragile things, a lot of importance is given to the materials and techniques applied to avoid damage during the move.
Individually wrap each fragile item in bubble wrap, packing paper, or tissue paper. Take extra precautions to fill in hollow items, such as glasses or jars, to dampen vibration. Boxes containing fragile items should be labeled and kept separated to ensure their handling is proper.

Moving and Packing Boxes: Economic and Eco-Friendly option


ReBow moving boxes

Instead of buying single-use cardboard boxes, consider the use of reusable moving boxes. By choosing reusable options for moving day essentials, not only does everything stay secure but also it smells fresher without old or damp cardboard around. Companies like Rebow offer these eco-friendly and cheap moving boxes on rent that can be used several times, hence being a more sustainable option for your move. Using these sturdy boxes cuts down on waste big time—no more tossing out heaps of cardboard after one use.

Hence, making green choices during a move isn’t just possible; it’s also easy on the wallet!

Moving day preparation


Double check details

When you’re preparing for the big move, double-check your details with the moving company if any. This includes confirming the arrival time, confirming
payment details, and discussing any special instructions. Double-checking these details ensures that there are no surprises on moving day and helps the moving process run smoothly.

Pack an Essentials Box

Pack a box with things you might need immediately when you reach your new place, like toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents, and basic kitchen supplies. Planning this box earlier will act as a lifesaver on your moving day. Having the essentials box ready will make your move in your new place more comfortable and stress-free.



Packing for a move doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By following this guide and with some smart planning, you can turn your chaos into something
manageable. Think about using things that are good for your wallet and the planet, like renting moving bins or grabbing some reusable moving boxes.

Rebow has a variety of services that can help lighten the load on your back and help you to have a stress-free move. Their reusable and durable moving boxes
will give you an option of a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to pack more efficiently. Make your next move a smooth and hassle-free one with Rebow’s moving box rentals and other packing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReBow™ Micro Storage?

Our Micro Storage solution offers a secured facility to store your ReBow boxes with complimentary delivery & pickup services. The reason it’s called “Micro” is because we only store items that fit in our 3.2 cubic foot ReBow box. Larger items such as furniture and beds can’t be stored. If you are in need of a full storage service please contact our sister company Ortiz Bros. Moving & Storage (323-221-3393).

What if I need more time to pack my stuff?

If you need more time to pack your stuff, you can just reschedule your pickup / delivery time, however your storage subscription package will begin.

Can I store only some of the boxes I pack ?

At this time, we require that all your ReBow™ boxes go into storage. If you would like to seperate your move, please place an additional Rental Order with us.

How much time do I have to pack my items ?

We offer a complimentary 2 day window to pack your items. Storage term will begin on the 3rd day after receiving your ReBow™ order. Upon delivery of your storage, you will have 2 unpacking days prior to picking up your ReBow™ boxes.

Can I access my items while in storage ?

Yes, customers must call and schedule a storage access 24 hours in advance during our business hours (Mon - Fri 8am -4pm).

Can I change my storage time frame after I place my order ?

Yes, you will receive an account where you can login and manage your order. In your account, you can make change requests for delivery and pickup times, as well as update any addresses, add boxes and change payment information.