Reusable Boxes V/s Plastic Boxes

 Why Rent Plastic Reusable Boxes:

 Renting plastic reusable moving boxes is a simple process. All you need to do is initiate an order for a specified quantity of boxes in your preferred location; enter your PIN code details of where you want the boxes to be picked from and where they have to be delivered. You pack your belongings, get ready to move, and unpack the boxes as scheduled, and the rental company will ensure that the empty boxes are picked up from your new address. It’s a simple 3-step process, and you’re ready to move from one location to another.

Companies like ReBow System offer a smooth shifting process at the most affordable price in LA. They also provide dollies for a smooth move. These dollies are perfect for easily carrying and moving your belongings, keeping your products intact and safe. Most of the plastic moving box rental companies serve specifically in LA. ReBow System is one of them, operating smoothly since its inception. A very young and dynamic company providing exceptional products and services at the most affordable price.

Benefits of Plastic Moving Boxes:

Durability: Your next move can be as durable as your plastic boxes. Plastic boxes carry more strength than regular cardboard boxes. Plastic boxes can easily withstand heavy kitchen items and home essentials; hence, plastic moving is preferred over cardboard boxes.

Convenience: Saves your time and effort by simply packing and placing in a plastic moving box with no fear of damage to your products. No assembling or taping is required, saving time, effort, and money. When you order online, the moving rental agency comes to your place with the empty boxes. All you must do is Roll, Pack, and move to your new home or office. Once you have unpacked your belongings, the moving company will come and pick up the empty boxes from your new home.

Reusability: Plastic boxes can be re-used multiple times, reducing the overall environmental impact and making them a perfect sustainable choice. Lowering demand for single-use containers reduces waste and energy consumption.

Cost-effectiveness: Renting Reusable plastic boxes is a wise investment. It is effective compared to cardboard boxes, with a high chance of getting damaged in transit, and you must incur additional costs to procure other boxes. Meanwhile, with plastic moving boxes, you only pay for as many boxes as you need without fearing the boxes getting damaged in transit.

Environmental Impact: While plastic has garnered criticism for its environmental impact, reusable plastic boxes can have a lower overall environmental footprint when considering their extended lifespan and reduced waste generation.

Stackability: Plastic boxes are often designed for easy stacking and storage, optimizing space during transportation, especially when the boxes come with dollies; moving becomes easy.


Cons of Plastic Moving Boxes:

A bit expensive: You may have to pay extra for the convenience and effortless moving.

Limited box size: Most rental companies offer a standard size of small, medium, and large.

Rental Period: You can rent only for the period specified for the pickup. Mos companies offer a minimum of only 1-week rental, which is too short for someone to pack, move, and unpack. However, I came across this company that is generous enough to give a 2-week rental window at the price of a 1-week rental.

More cost: If you want to extend your rental period, you may spend more money on additional boxes or weeks of renting.

Cost to Rent Plastic Moving Boxes:

While you may find many companies renting plastic moving boxes, you must always use trustworthy ones. ReBow System has been in this moving business for a while now, and I could unquestioningly trust them for their services. You may also want to consider them for renting the plastic moving boxes at the most affordable rate in Los Angeles–$140 for a 2-week rental period with 20 boxes and 5 nestable dollies for an easy move. They cover most of the Los Angeles area. So far, ReBow System is the cheapest moving company in Los Angeles that I have come across, and I highly recommend their service.

Rental Period for Plastic Crates:

Most companies only offer a 1-week rental period; anything more than 1 week will incur additional charges. ReBow System provides a minimum of 2 weeks’ rental for 1 week. If you need the boxes for more than 1 week, you will have to pay an additional cost of $70 per extra week.ReBow also offers free curbside delivery.

Best Companies for Renting Moving Crates:

There are several moving companies, but choosing the best is always challenging. Leafy Boxes have been around for a while now, and while they provide a similar service, they are more expensive than the ReBow System. If you plan to move around the Los Angeles area, ReBow is the obvious choice, providing the best and prompt service at the most affordable cost.

Price comparison of moving companies in Los Angeles:

Leafy Moving Boxes:

Rentals 1BHK 2BHK 3BHK Rental
1Week $179 $209 $289 1 Week
Additional week $90 $105 $145
No of Boxes 35 50 75
No of Dollies 2 3 5

Rent A Crate:

Rentals 1BHK 2BHK 3BHK Rental
1Week $149 $249 $349 1 Week
Additional week $45 $90 $135
No of Boxes 20 40 60
No of Dollies 5 10 15


Rentals 1BHK 2BHK 3BHK Rental
1Week $129 $179 $229 1 Week
Additional week $40 $50 $60
No of Boxes 25 40 60
No of Dollies 1 1 1


Rentals 1BHK 2BHK 3BHK Rental
1Week $129 $169 $209 1 Week
Additional 1 weeks $129 $169 $209
No of Boxes 40 60 80
No of Dollies 1 1 2

ReBow System:

Rentals Starts for 2 weeks 1BHK 2BHK 3BHK Rental
Week $140 $240 $360 2 Weeks
Additional week $70 $120 $180
No of Boxes 20 40 60
No of Dollies 5 10 15

The provided information offers a balanced comparison of various moving companies, aiding in your decision-making process when selecting a moving company for your upcoming relocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReBow™ Micro Storage?

Our Micro Storage solution offers a secured facility to store your ReBow boxes with complimentary delivery & pickup services. The reason it’s called “Micro” is because we only store items that fit in our 3.2 cubic foot ReBow box. Larger items such as furniture and beds can’t be stored. If you are in need of a full storage service please contact our sister company Ortiz Bros. Moving & Storage (323-221-3393).

What if I need more time to pack my stuff?

If you need more time to pack your stuff, you can just reschedule your pickup / delivery time, however your storage subscription package will begin.

Can I store only some of the boxes I pack ?

At this time, we require that all your ReBow™ boxes go into storage. If you would like to seperate your move, please place an additional Rental Order with us.

How much time do I have to pack my items ?

We offer a complimentary 2 day window to pack your items. Storage term will begin on the 3rd day after receiving your ReBow™ order. Upon delivery of your storage, you will have 2 unpacking days prior to picking up your ReBow™ boxes.

Can I access my items while in storage ?

Yes, customers must call and schedule a storage access 24 hours in advance during our business hours (Mon - Fri 8am -4pm).

Can I change my storage time frame after I place my order ?

Yes, you will receive an account where you can login and manage your order. In your account, you can make change requests for delivery and pickup times, as well as update any addresses, add boxes and change payment information.