Includes* :

  • 5 Nestable Dollies
  •  20 Labels
  •  20 Security Zip Ties
  •  Free Delivery & Pickup
Curbside or Door Delivery/Pickup? (*)
Pickup & Dropoff Details

Step 1 : Delivery of your ReBow™ Boxes

Step 2 : Pick Up your Packed ReBow™ Boxes For Storage

*You can keep your ReBow boxes for 48 hours complimentary to pack. Want to keep your ReBow boxes longer ? Call Us!

Step 3 : Delivery of your Stored Items

Step 4 : Pick Up your Empty ReBow™ Boxes

*You can keep your ReBow boxes for 48 hours complimentary to unpack. Need more time to unpack ? Call Us!

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Custom - Storage $130.00
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8 Boxes, 12 Boxes, 16 Boxes, 20 Boxes, 24 Boxes, 28 Boxes, 32 Boxes, 36 Boxes, 40 Boxes, 44 Boxes, 48 Boxes, 52 Boxes, 56 Boxes, 60 Boxes, 64 Boxes, 68 Boxes, 72 Boxes, 76 Boxes, 80 Boxes, 84 Boxes, 88 Boxes, 92 Boxes, 96 Boxes, 100 Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReBow™ Micro Storage?

Our Micro Storage solution offers a secured facility to store your ReBow boxes with complimentary delivery & pickup services. The reason it’s called “Micro” is because we only store items that fit in our 3.2 cubic foot ReBow box. Larger items such as furniture and beds can’t be stored. If you are in need of a full storage service please contact our sister company Ortiz Bros. Moving & Storage (323-221-3393).

What if I need more time to pack my stuff?

If you need more time to pack your stuff, you can just reschedule your pickup / delivery time, however your storage subscription package will begin.

Can I store only some of the boxes I pack ?

At this time, we require that all your ReBow™ boxes go into storage. If you would like to seperate your move, please place an additional Rental Order with us.

How much time do I have to pack my items ?

We offer a complimentary 2 day window to pack your items. Storage term will begin on the 3rd day after receiving your ReBow™ order. Upon delivery of your storage, you will have 2 unpacking days prior to picking up your ReBow™ boxes.

Can I access my items while in storage ?

Yes, customers must call and schedule a storage access 24 hours in advance during our business hours (Mon - Fri 8am -4pm).

Can I change my storage time frame after I place my order ?

Yes, you will receive an account where you can login and manage your order. In your account, you can make change requests for delivery and pickup times, as well as update any addresses, add boxes and change payment information.